*the *black kittens*!

black*kitten records is so called because of two very, very special black cats: our black cats.
they're called luna and michael.
this page is for them; and for you too, so that you may be able to know them, at least a little.


luna is a black kitten with thick, soft and velvet hair.
she’s got some white hair here and there too: on her breast, nose and most of all on her lower belly, where they form a delicious crescent.
she was adopted when she was five months old.
she’s clever and lively, touchy but at the same time extremely sweet and very loving. she’s funny.
she adores playing and hunting. she’s crazy for raw fish, courgette omelette, broccoli and asparagus risotto.
she has a web site (mostly) of her own, and she’s one of the most cuddled, loved and photographed kittens on earth.
here are some pictures of her.


in spite of the look, the stare and the agility of a youngster, michael was born a considerable amount of years ago – on the 23rd of april, 1995.
to avoid unpleasing misspellings of his name from non-english speaking vets, for the feline register he’s called michele. he’s often called micheletto, miguel, miguelito, mikhail, micheleddu – and so on, in a lovely flourishing of nicknames.
he’s a very sweet and loving cat. he tends to be timid with people he doesn’t know that well; but once one becomes friends with him, he turns into the most cuddling cat: a real purring machine!
he loves being caressed for entire half hours, and if by any chance the person who’s cuddling him stops, he attracts his attention with a delicate blow with his paw.
he’s frightened by sudden movement and loud noises; but if he trusts you, you can do anything with him – he can tolerate even being lifted 7 feet high on a hand or hugged like a teddy bear.
he feels safe with those who love him.
he loves laying in the sun, wandering in the garden, sleeping in old boxes or broken baskets.
he hasn't got a website and, as of today, there's no trace of him on any social network whatsoever, but he’s really loved all the same.

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