*black*kitten records..

black*kitten records is a very small label created on a starry mid-august night in 2006.

we had just got back home after some wonderful days spent at the emmaboda festival, in sweden.
we thought, imagine how great it would be a seven inch with a song by detektivbyrån on one side and one by hemstad on the other.
we thought, imagine how beautiful it would be if it were us to release it, that seven inch.
then we decided that, all in all, we could do it. for real. a small, poetical craziness: creating a record label and releasing a seven inch with two brand new compositions by those bands that last summer stole our hearts and made us smile and gave us the gift of emotions so wonderful that haven't faded yet, even after so many months.

we got in touch with the bands, that agreed immediately, as enthusiast as we were. so, along with our friends from my honey records, we plunged into this new adventure.

our first seven inches has been released on the 21st of june - the first day of summer.

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